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Insect Infestation Treatment

Tree Removal

Overgrown trees can be dangerous. If you’re in need of tree maintenance, such as limb removal, tree trimming or land clearing service, trust the professionals of ACER Tree Service in Solon, OH. We specialize in safe and environmentally friendly tree removal and lawn care. Our dedicated and experienced team can also maintain and improve the health of your trees and garden. We are well equipped with the proper tools, machinery, and experience to complete a variety of basic and comprehensive tree services. Additionally, we specialize in the diagnosis and care of many tree diseases and ailments such as foliar disease, trunk and stem disease, and girdling roots. Some trees are prone to diseases that are harder to treat, while other tree species can be treated and protected. While there is little we can do to protect large trees from environmental variables, smaller trees, shrubs, and plants can be wrapped, covered, or moved to sheltered locations. We also assess and treat insect damage and infestation and trunk damage.

For quality tree care you can count on, turn to ACER Tree Service in Cuyahoga County. Let our team look at your plants and suggest the best ways in which to keep them thriving. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

Services We Offer:

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Branch Removal

Insect Infestation Treatment

Disease Diagnosis:

   Foliar Disease

  Trunk and Stem Disease

   Girdling Roots

Damaged Bark Treatment